Symbols            The aims of the society are to:

a) To research and publish the history and geography of every known and possible site in Wales where a battle took place [on land or sea] irrespective of size, irrespective of its date, and regardless of who participated, and in particular the exact location and date.

b) To research the political background to these battles and study, by interdisciplinary co-operation, the possible battlefield tactics and equipment used.

c) To mark the battle site, where practicable, with a plaque, stone, or other monument [this in some special cases may include commemorative and interpretative buildings], placed on part of the site itself, or as near to the site as is possible. This would include at least basic information: The name of the battle, the date and who took part.

d) Where the names of those who fell and casualty figures are available, to erect a small marker in honour of those killed on both sides during the battle.

d) To persuade the Ordnance Survey, Cadw, the Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments for Wales and the Government of Wales to recognise, and give full status to these sites, by marking them on all scales of Ordnance Survey Maps with the traditional ‘crossed swards’ symbol, with the correct date and include them in other government records for planning and other practical purposes.

e) To co-operate with other organisations with an interest, world-wide, in the subject of Welsh battles and to share information with such bodies for the general education of the public, and the stimulation of interest in Welsh heritage to the home population and in promotion of tourism.