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Next Meeting - The two Battles of Grosmont 1404,1405

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

In in the spring of 1404, Owain Glyndwr’s army diverted around Abergavenny and attacked Henry V’s main army base at Grosmont. The battle tactics were well tried and had been previously successful. Because Owain did not have seige engines, he could not make a direct attack on Grosmont Castle. Thus Owain sent lightly armoured groups to attack and burn the town and draw Henry’s army out of the castle. Meanwhile Owain’s main army occupied a nearby Iron-age Hillfort ‘Campstone Hill’ (Bryn Du) and had the advantage when his lightly armoured troops led Henry’s army from the castle into the full force of Owain’s army. Both times [1404 and 1405] the tactic failed, because the slope up to the hill fort was not steep enough and did not give Owain sufficient advantage.

Come and see the battle field in late April of May 2008. Watch this space for details